Sunday, December 8, 2013


We were STARVING as we usually are after work on Sundays, and we ate these in about 5 seconds.

The panchan were so good! I loved these yellow pickles, and Sarah and Miko loved the tiny fish. 
I tried the tiny fish.

I was obsessed with this salad and ate two entire servings.  Sarah and Miko thought it was too spicy.
We asked the server what the greens were, but he didn't know the English word and I've forgotten the Korean word.

We also really liked the zucchini thing on the right.

Here's the extremely large bowl of parched rice and chicken.  There is a WHOLE CHICKEN in here.
I think the twig thing on top is ginseng root.

From the second round of panchan--we got Miko's favorite fishcakes this time! 
Definitely the best version we've had.

Rating: Two thumbs up; from guest: one thumb up
Date: 12/8/13
Time in: 6:00 PM

Time out: 7:20 PM 
Servers' recommendations: #50 parched rice and chicken, #55 stir-fried squid with spicy sauce
What we ordered: Parched rice and chicken, 
3 hot teas, 2 orders of fried handmade dumplings
Number in our party: 3 (with Sarah M. as a guest judge) 
Final check amount: $37.79
Price per person: $12.60 each

  • This used to be Old Village. The server told us that the owner has changed but the menu is the same. Maybe it was the items we ordered, but this meal left a much stronger impression than last time!
  • The dumplings are lightly crispy all the way around! How do you do that??
  • We like the dumpling sauce. They must have mixed it themselves -- it has chopped green onion in it.
  • The panchan was delicious, probably the best we've had on Convoy! (The potatoes were a little undercooked, but everything else was amazing.) We've gotten used to seeing the same panchan over and over, so it was a nice surprise to see dishes that we didn't recognize.
  • The parched chicken and rice was definitely new to us, and we had no idea how to eat it. The dish could have fed 5 people. The chicken is soft and tasty, but the rice porridge is completely flavorless. Maybe it's supposed to be? They gave us a tiny dish of salt each -- definitely not enough for all that rice. Although we probably wouldn't order it again, we enjoyed trying it, and the whole experience made us want to try more food here.

Address: 4681 Convoy St, Ste B 
Phone number: 858.277.8625
Noise level: 2
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Shared lot that's pretty tiny, but there's decent turnover, so you can usually squeak into a spot that someone's pulling out of. 
Ideal group size: 2-6
Available vegetarian options: Stir-fried rice cake and vegetable, vegetable and egg bibimbap