Monday, January 20, 2014

Dduri Ba

We thought this was the nicest CASH ONLY sign we'd ever seen.
Usually they do take cards, though.
Ddukbokki (although they use a different spelling).
We wished this was as good as the one at Chon Ju Jip. :-(
At first we thought the thing on the left was soup,
but it's actually a white kimchi (or something like that).
I (Jenne) ate about 95% of those yellow pickles.
Kimchi was fine.
Nick's ramen had instant noodles but it was very tasty.
We all loved these dumplings, which seemed homemade!
Server recommendation #1.
Miko was still talking about this dish the next day.
Server recommendation #2, kimbap with fish cake. 
We were all surprised how much we liked the kimbap!
However, no one was surprised how much Miko liked the fish cake.

Date: 1/20/14
Time in: 6:12 PM
Time out: 7:12 PM
Servers' recommendations: 
Kimbap and fish cake, bajirakkalkuksu (noodle soup with short-necked clams)
What we ordered: Kagimandu (dumplings), kimbap and fish cake, bajirakkalkuksu, tteokbokgi
Number in our party: 4 (with Laura and Nick as guest judges) 
Final check amount: $37.20
Price per person: $9.25
  • The tteokbokgi is really spicy, and it's still not as flavorful as other versions we've had.  Chon Ju Jip's is better!
  • The noodle soup dishes are quite delicious.  The broth is yummy!  (I REALLY like the clam noodle soup.)
  • We greatly appreciate the homemade dumplings.
  • The kimbap is unexpectedly delicious and satisfying, although the fish cakes are a little too fishy.

Address: 4425 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.560.0990
Noise level: 2
Accepts credit cards? Not at the moment
Parking: A pretty small shared lot
Ideal group size: 1-4
Rating: Two thumbs up