Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pangea Bakery Cafe -- CLOSED

Many delicious choices.

Decaf latte, since they tragically no longer have sea salt coffee.  WHY??
Our purchase.
Raspberry bun. 
I know it looks incredibly gross, but it is TRANSCENDENTLY DELICIOUS.
Taro bun.
Coconut buns.
The lady at the counter said that this is her dad's favorite.
It's one of mine (Jenne) too. :-)
Rating: Two thumbs up! 
Date: 1/6/13
Time in: 6:47 PM
Time out: 7:05 PM

Servers' recommendations: Small royal taro bun, raspberry bun, coconut buns
What we ordered:
Small royal taro bun, raspberry bun, coconut buns, decaf latte, white tea
Number in our party: 2 

Final check amount: $11.25
  • I (Miko) was feeling a trifle grumpy after my unsatisfying meal at Chopstix, and I demanded a dessert.  Luckily, Pangea was the next stop on the Conquest!  We've been coming here since it opened, and it's one of our favorite dessert places on Convoy.
  • The girl at the counter was adorable, and she had excellent recommendations.
  • The raspberry bun was exceptionally good, and it was a choice we would never have made on our own.
  • The taro bun was flaky on the outside, doughy on the inside, and absolutely delicious.  It's no wonder that it's a customer favorite.
  • Earlier in the day, you can grab baked goods that are fresh out of the oven at a special counter!
  • There's a LOT of space with lots of tables and comfy couches.  There was a group of 15 or so middle-aged Korean people having a meeting right next to us at this visit.

Address: 4689 Convoy St, Ste 100 
Phone number: 858.560.0688
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Weird one-way lot that never has any available spaces
Ideal group size: Any

Available vegetarian options:
Noise level: 1

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