Friday, December 3, 2010

San Tong Palace

Boiled dumplings.

Mapo tofu.

Spicy noodle soup.
Excellent fortune cookie.

Rating: Two thumbs up
Date: 12/3/10
Time in:
1:40 PM
Time out: 2:30 PM
Server's recommendations: Dumplings, spicy noodle soup
What we ordered: Boiled dumplings, mapo tofu, spicy noodle soup
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $32.50
  • The tofu was flavorful, delicious, and comforting.  Recommended!
  • The server was nice -- it felt like a friend's mom was cooking me dinner.
  • The tea tasted like pancake syrup, only not sweet.  But in a good way.
  • Free kimchi to start.
  • Good rice.
  • Spicy dishes were on the milder side -- they weren't overpowering.
  • The fortune cookies were very goodThey were made of thicker wafers and came unwrapped on a plate.  And the paper slips inside were actually fortunes, not lame-o proverbs or advice.
Address: 4690 Convoy St, Ste 105 (Plaza del Sol)
Phone number: 858.571.6837
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Private lot shared with rest of plaza -- spaces available
Ideal group size: 4-6 for everyday dining, but there are party rooms available.
Available vegetarian options: They have a large "Vegetables" section in the menu, which includes Buddha's delight, moo shu vegetables, and three mushroom tofu.  But the dishes might be made with meat or fish-based broth, so we would recommend double-checking.
Noise level: 2

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