Friday, July 29, 2011

Seoul BBQ Restaurant

It's SO hot.

We thought this little condiment shelf was charming.

Good rice, and this soup was delicious!

Here are the meats.

Panchan.  Could be better.
Here's what you get for $9.99.  There's also a $14.99 option.  Dinner is something like $19.99 and $24.99.  
Rating: Two thumbs down
Date: 7/29/11
Servers' recommendations: N/A
What we ordered: Lunch A
Number in our party: 2 
  • The daikon soup that came before the meal was tasty, with lots of black pepper.
  • The panchan wasn't terribly good.  Nothing unique or unusual was served, and other restaurants do better with the standard dishes.  For example, the potatoes in the potato salad were undercooked and chewy.
  • The marinated meats they served had good flavor, and the chicken was nice and juicy.
  • The pork belly was kind of tasteless and chewy.
  • The food was okay, but this place was missing something...  We came out of the restaurant feeling underwhelmed by the whole experience.  If this were the only Korean barbecue in the area, maybe we'd love it.  But with Jeong Won and even Manna nearby, there would be no reason to come here, even if the lunch special is cheap.
Address: 4344 Convoy St, Ste I
Phone number: 858.505.8700
Accepts credit cards?
Plaza with plenty of parking.
Ideal group size:
Available vegetarian options:
Some of the panchan?
Noise level: 3 
Who not to bring: Vegetarians

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