Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walmido - CLOSED


We really really wanted the popcorn lobster roll
...but we had too many things already by the time we noticed it.

Miko with the Miko roll!

Closeup on Miko.

Yakisoba!  The best one we've found so far.

Seared tuna and salmon.  The tuna was TERRIBLE, really weird texture.
The salmon was a solid effort -- would eat again! 

These little rolls were tasty and half price!  PRACTICALLY FREE!

Seafood pancake.  Not the greatest.
Rating: Two thumbs up, solely due to the yakisoba
Date: 6/17/12
Time in: 5:39 PM
Servers' recommendations: Miko roll, seafood yakisoba, nigiri and happy hour rolls (because they're super-cheap!)
What we ordered: Miko roll, seafood yakisoba, avocado roll, California roll, spicy scallop roll, seared tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri
Number in our party: 3 (with Sarah M.)
Final check amount: $57.38
  • There is apparently a Korean menu we didn't get to see! 
  • The yakisoba is the best we've had on Convoy, and we'd come back just for that.  The seafood is a little fishy to Jenne.  Sarah and I found it fine.
  • The salmon nigiri was decent.
  • The seafood pancake was giant, expensive, and not very good.
  • The edamame was cold and unsalted -- double-fail.  Although maybe we shouldn't complain, since it was free.
  • The rolls tasted good -- lots of avocado, lots of crab, and lots of spicy!  But they were so deformed!  We had to laugh at how lopsided they looked.
  • The seared tuna was truly terrible.  It might have been blow-torched?
  • There's a longer wait than I'd like between dishes.
  • The water is room temp, which we didn't find enjoyable.
  • The server and the sushi chef were very handsome.
  • The server boxed up the leftovers for us, which we always appreciate.
  • Walmido has a very pleasant atmosphere--it looks much nicer inside than outside.
Address: 4367 Convoy St 
Phone number: 858.571.1888
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Crowded lot -- hard to find spaces!
Ideal group size: 2-6

Noise level: 3

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