Saturday, November 17, 2012

Angels & Hearts: Harajuku Crêperie


They are not kidding at all with this sign.
Taro snow fluff with chocolate sauce.  The whipped cream was really good
Rating: Undecided
Date: 11/19/12
Time in: 8:40 PM
Time out: 9:34 PM 
Servers' recommendations: Taro snow fluff with chocolate sauce
What we ordered: Taro snow fluff with chocolate sauce
Number in our party: 2
  • We're coming to the conclusion that we're just not that crazy about snow fluff.  We tried the taro here, but it was watery, flavorless, and kind of boring.  We thought the Up2Yoü snow ice was better (but we would get the honey toast there anyway).
  • The girl was very nice and enthusiastic about her recommendations, but the chocolate sauce didn't seem to go all that well with the taro flavor.
  • We're going to hold off on deciding on our rating until we try the crepes. 


Whipped cream on the side, because Miko is CRAZY and doesn't like it.  WHO EVEN ARE YOU.

See how charming?

They certainly have an...aesthetic.

Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 11/19/12
Time in: 6:45 PM
Time out: 6:57 PM 
What we ordered: Banana nutella crepe
Number in our party: 2 
Final check amount: $5.48
Price per person: $2.74 each
  • It's kind of expensive for what it is, but the crepes are so good! They're fluffier than  crepes at other places, and it looks so cute, all rolled into a cone that looks like a flower bouquet.
  • They remind me (Jenne) of the crepes I used to get in Japan.  Nostalgia!
Address: 4646 Convoy St
Parking: Craziest parking lot on all of Convoy (and that's saying a lot), although Jenne seems to have good luck
Noise level: 3
Ideal group size: 1-3
Available vegetarian options: So many!!!

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