Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jasmine Express

They are not kidding with this. 
While we were waiting around, a guy lopped off about half of it with a giant cleaver. 
I mean GIANT.

There are very busy ladies behind this counter. 
Make sure you know what you want!

They have a whole section of hot dishes that looked amazing--
we'll have to come back for lunch sometime.

Honey BBQ pork--
the container seemed to contain the same sauce that was already on it.

Fried ham-sui-gok, creamy egg yolk bun.
Inside the fried ham-sui-gok.

Shrimp rice roll.

Stir-fried sweet rice.

Steamed BBQ pork bun.

Elegant dining atmosphere.
Note: Our New Year's resolution is to post within a week of visiting a restaurant!
Rating: Two thumbs up
Date: 1/12/13
Time in: 11:10 AM
Time out: 11:55 AM
Servers' recommendations: We didn't get a chance to ask for one -- they looked awfully busy, and we were awfully hungry.
What we ordered: Shrimp rice roll, fried ham-sui-gok, steamed BBQ pork bun, creamy egg yolk bun, stir-fried sweet rice, honey BBQ pork
Number in our party: 2 
Final check amount: $20.95
  • Jasmine Express is the take-out section of Jasmine Seafood Restaurant.  We decided to count it as a separate place.  There are two picnic tables outside if you want to sit and eat. 
  • The BBQ pork was tasty, and it would be so good in fried rice!  I did run into some gristly bits though. 
  • The fried sweet rice reminds me of takikomi gohan.  
  • Make sure to come early in the day -- they run out quickly, and the food is freshest right when they open at 11. 
  • I love the gelatinous deliciousness that is the shrimp rice roll.  Yummm.
  • We were surprised when we took our first bite of the fried ham-sui-gok.  The outside crust is DELICIOUS, like a thin layer of really good fried senbei.  Underneath, it's a layer of mochi, and then pork filling in the middle.  The pork filling was a little sweet for our taste, but we liked it dipped in the tangy sauce for the shrimp rice roll.
  • The steamed BBQ buns were better than we remembered from our visit next-door.
  • The creamy egg yolk bun was also lovely. 
Address: 4609 Convoy St, Ste A
Phone number: 858.268.0888
Accepts credit cards? Yes, $10 minimum
Parking: Crowded shared lot
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: Baked desserts, healthy vege dumpling (doesn't that sound sooo appealing...?), seared vege tofu rolls, vege rice roll, steamed Chinese broccoli
Noise level: 1

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