Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Fruit Shop

Dragonfruit are surprisingly bland (or should I say delicate?) -tasting considering what they look like.
These are what's inside the jackfruit.  They taste sort of like honey and gasoline-flavored cantaloupe, but in a good way.

Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 2/23/13
Time in: 12:38 PM
Time out: 12:43 PM  

Owner's recommendation: Mangosteens
What we bought: Mangosteens, papaya
Number in our party: 2 
Final check amount: $15.31 for a bag of a dozen or so mangosteens; $10 something for a smaller pack of mangosteens and a package of Hawaiian papaya

  • The family who owns the place is SO nice.  They make you feel very welcome, and they shower you with samples.
  • They like to tell you all about the fruit you're getting, but you might not understand a thing they say.
  • They have a lot of fruit that's been cut up beautifully and packaged.  Thank God for that; we would have no idea how to cut into a jackfruit.  Have you seen how giant those things are?  They look like creatures out of "Monster's, Inc."
  • I love getting a coconut juice there and taking it to Dumpling Inn.
  • This is one of the few places we know that carries mangosteens, which are apparently very difficult to import.  If you've never had a mangosteen (and I hadn't until Jenne bought some from this shop), you should go buy some RIGHT NOW -- it is mangosteen season!  They taste like strawberry Starburst in fruit form. 
  • They don't have the most reliable hours -- they told us that they close earlier in the winter because they're afraid to be there after dark.  Aww.
4619 Convoy St, Unit A3
Phone number: 858.268.0888
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Crowded shared lot
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: ALL!

Noise level: 2

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