Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yes! Pingo

Not sure why this needed a lid because it was CENTER-OF-THE-SUN HOT!!
Miko looking glamorous with her tea!!
Best crispy chicken yet!!
Rice tube pudding!!
This is what is in the pudding!!
Taiwanese meatball!!
Peach green tea!!
Pork stew!!
Rice noodles with surprise shrimp!! Which is not good if you don't like shrimp!!
Wheat noodles, also with surprise shrimp!!
Miko's bento thing, which I coveted!!
Messy shrimp with shells!!  Very spicy!!
Dumplings!!  Just okay!!

Rating: Two thumbs up; from guests: one thumb up (Chelsie), two sideways (Jennifer and Hildie), one undecided because there was only one pescatarian option to judge (Heather)
Date: 7/14/13
Time in: 5:43 PM
Time out: 7:50 PM (But we were having a book club discussion and lingered a while) 
Servers' recommendations: Pork ribs soup, combos, snow ice 
What we ordered: Green tea with boba, peach green tea, pickle sour duck soup, crispy chicken, rice tube pudding, Taiwanese meatball, Taiwanese fried noodle, Taiwanese fried rice noodle (not to be confused with the prior item), minced pork stew rice, chicken cutlet combo, boiled dumplings, spicy shrimp
Number in our party: 6 (Chelsie, Heather, Hildie, and Jennifer as guest judges)
Final check amount: $78.69
Price per person: $19.67/person  
  • We were supposed to go to nice, safe Phuong Trang with our book club, but at last minute, Jenne and I changed the location to Yes! Pingo because:
    1. We hadn't tried it yet, and we've got a conquest to finish!! And
    2. We thought the name Yes! Pingo was hilarious.  We like to yell it out loud in the car.  "YES!!!!!!  PINGO!!!!!!"
  • The server had lots of recommendations and suggested pork stomach soup to non-Asians!
  • They should have had descriptions for the dishes on the menu.
  • Some dishes were better than others.  For example, the fried noodles were too salty, and the boiled dumplings were bland.
  • But the chicken was beautifully fried and well seasoned.  The pork stew rice was also a favorite. 
  • The best deal is definitely the chicken cutlet or crispy chicken combo!  You even get a little bit of the pork stew on the rice.  Veggies and pickles served on the side.
  • This place is like Tap Ex, only not so fast-foody.

Address: 4813 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.699.7588

Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: A lot with plenty of spaces!!! OMG, it's amazing!
Ideal group size: 1-6
Available vegetarian options: Tea and snow ice

Whom not to bring: Vegetarians who want a meal
Noise level: 2.5

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