Friday, March 14, 2014


They give you free edamame and miso soup, which is nice.
The soup wasn't bad.  The edamame needed salt!
"Yellowtail Delight" -- it wasn't entirely delightful but it was okay.
It wasn't as spicy as it looked.
These were live shrimp just minutes earlier! 
Sadly, they weren't very flavorful.  I liked the fried heads though.
Rating: Two thumbs down
Date: 3/14/14
Time in: 1:51 PM
Time out: 2:25 PM
Servers' recommendations: Live shrimp sushi, Yellowtail Delight
What we ordered: 
Live shrimp sushi, Yellowtail Delight
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $21.85
Price per person: $10.93
  • The server was a pleasant fellow and very enthusiastic about his recommendations. It was clear he took pride in working at the restaurant. He asked us if we wanted the shrimp heads from the sushi fried, and he took the trouble to inquire with the chef which fish was freshest today.
  • Despite the adorable server, the meal was underwhelming in the most boring way. The food and the ambience of the restaurant was just so meh.
  • We went and had Sage Cake afterward as a palate-cleanser.

Address: 4365 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.560.0990
Noise level: 2, but no one else was there at the time because we went at an off-hour.
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Shared lot; you have a decent chance of finding a space.
Ideal group size: 1-4

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