Friday, January 20, 2012

Shabu World

Lots of condiments.  Ponzu, peanut sauce (too sweet), 
grated daikon, minced garlic, etc. etc.

Lots of vegetables, and more cabbage than even I (Jenne) can eat, and I love cabbage.
 Nobody needs this much cabbage!

Seafood assortment.

Pork and beef.

Simmering nicely, with LOTS of assistance from the staff...they
wanted to be very involved in the meal, apparently.

I asked for sesame sauce because I didn't really like the peanut sauce.
You can also get a raw egg to mix in, which unsurprisingly Miko did.

It becomes udon at the end...but the broth had no flavor whatsoever.

During the grand opening month, they give you free green tea ice cream.
Rating: Two sideways thumbs
Date: 1/20/12
Time in: 1:30 PM
What we ordered: Seafood combo (salmon, scallops, shrimp) + egg, meat combo (beef and pork), 2 teas.
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $15.09 + 11.85
  • I couldn't write detailed notes while eating because (1) there was no table space for writing at a shabu shabu place, and (2) the staff was constantly hovering over us. There were like 6 of them waiting on just us, and they'd ask us the same questions over and over.  Kind of annoying.
  • Also, there was one server who looked incredibly out of place.  She was the only non-Asian, and she had an accent (Russian?  European of some kind?).  Her outfit was straight out of a high-fashion magazine, and her makeup made her look like a creepy marionette doll.  We both wondered why they hired her...
  • The salmon was pretty fishy; the scallop was tasteless; and the shrimp tasted a bit like dirt.  Plus...they added the egg into the udon soup when it wasn't hot enough.  So instead of the nice egg-drop I'd have liked, it became raw egg broth.  Ew.
  • The sign looks like it says Swab World.  Haha!
  • We would give this place a thumbs down, but we felt it might be unfair to a restaurant that just opened.  We would probably never go back though.
Address: 3904 Convoy St, Ste 117
Phone number: 858.715.1188
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Crowded lot, especially when The Original Pancake House is open
Ideal group size:
Available vegetarian options: Vegetable combo

Noise level: 2

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