Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunrise Buffet

Some of our guest critics mid-meal.
The orange soda got rave reviews.

Jenne's first round...

Some other people's...

The egg drop soup was popular.

The orange chicken was extremely weird.

Broccoli and...jello?

Dessert was far and away the best part, especially the doughnuts!

Kate said she got a little overexcited with the sprinkles.

Thumbs up on the jello, thumbs down on the chocolate pudding.

Really, Miko?  That is disgusting.

The whole gang!
Halfway Celebration!
Sunrise Buffet is the last stop on Convoy's West Side! We invited lots of friends to celebrate with us! (Too bad it was kind of gross, but hey, still fun!)

Rating: 7 thumbs down, 5 sideways thumbs, 1 thumb up
Date: 2/4/12
Time in: 7:40 PM (Jenne and I were late)
What we ordered: Buffet, tea, Cokes, Diet Cokes, orange sodas.
Number in our party: 13 (Carling, Ryan, Sarah H., Sarah M., Tracie, Elise, Keith, Laura, Gerry, Nick, and Kate as guest critics today)
Final check amount: $15.07 each for the buffet and a soda
  • Carling -- Likes: crab puffs.  (Thumb down.) 
  • Elise -- Likes: crispy chicken, Brazilian beef.  Dislikes: anything with scallop or shrimp.  (Sideways bordering on down.)
  • Gerry -- Likes: jello. Dislikes: everything else.  (Thumb down.)
  • Jenne -- Likes: egg drop soup, fried fish, seafood delight.  Dislikes: orange chicken and stuffed shrimp.   (Thumb down.) 
  • Kate -- Likes: crispy chicken.  Dislikes: spring rolls.  (Thumb down.)
  • Keith -- Likes: fried chicken, crab puff, crispy chicken.  (Thumb up.)
  • Laura -- Likes: frog legs, boneless spare rib, salmon.  Dislikes: lots of overly salty dishes.  (Sideways bordering on down.)
  • Miko -- Likes: crab puffs, doughnuts, mei fun.  Dislikes: pork bun, orange chicken, crispy chicken, chocolate pudding (it was sour!).  (Thumb down.) 
  • Nick -- Likes: coconut shrimp, doughnut.  Dislikes: orange chicken.  (Thumb down.)
  • Ryan -- Likes: shrimp on ice, fruit, broccoli.  (Sideways thumb.) 
  • Sarah H. -- Likes: crispy chicken, sushi, mussels, oysters.  Dislikes: seaweed salad, stuffed shrimp.  (Sideways thumb.)
  • Sarah M. -- Likes: anything fried (crab puffs, egg rolls), dumplings, fish.  Dislikes: orange chicken, green beans.  (Sideways thumb.)
  • Tracie -- Likes: hoisin clams "but I might regret these later."  Dislikes: pork bun.  (Thumb down.) 
Address: 3860 Convoy Street
Phone number:
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Crowded lot with teeny spaces.
Ideal group size: Any 
Available vegetarian options: Salad, doughnuts, soft-serve
Noise level: 3

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