Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grandma Tofu & BBQ

I (Jenne) was mesmerized by this concert video of one or possibly several K-pop boybands and could barely listen to what Miko was saying...

Even bad Korean restaurants usually have good panchan!

This supposedly "curry" stew tasted exactly like the powdered cream of chicken soup we used to take on backpacking trips.

Miko was strangely enthralled by this rice, despite that fact that she usually hates brown rice or anything whole-grain whatsoever.

This was basically salty and spicy and nothing else.

Rating: Two thumbs down
Date: 8/4/12
Time in: 1:20 PM
Servers' recommendations: Seafood pancake, tofu stews and tofu stew combos, BBQ dishes, bibimbap, yuk gae jang, stir-fried squid/octopus
What we ordered: Curry soondobu, yuk gae jang
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $22.60
  • Our stews were pretty disappointing.  I (Miko) ordered the curry soondubu, and it tasted strongly of instant chicken bouillon.  Gross.  Jenne reported that hers was not horrible, but flavorless.
  • The restaurant is unnecessarily fancy -- lots of decor and not enough focus on the food.
  • The potato panchan was really good, and the rice was one of my (Miko's) favorites on Convoy.  We can't just come here for the potato panchan and rice, though...
Address: 4425 Convoy St 
Phone number: 858.277.2220
Accepts credit cards? Yes, but the bill has to be over $20.
Shared lot; there are reserved spaces for the restaurant.
Ideal group size: 2-4
Noise level: 3, but only because of the South Korea Vs. UK soccer game that was on TV.  It was pretty fun to watch the middle-aged men cheering at their tables.

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