Monday, August 27, 2012

Tea Garden

They have alloe Vera Plup.  We didn't try it.

This tea was very strange.  I think it's just not to my taste,
not anything wrong with it.

Popcorn chicken.  You can see it doesn't quite have
that golden brown-ness.  But still tasty!

Mmmm, sweet butter toast.  I wish I had
a giant mattress-sized one of these!

Sweet milk toast!  We highly recommend both.
Pro tip: the middle piece is always the best.
Rating: Two thumbs up
Date: 8/27/12
Time in: 8:45 PM
Time out: 9:36 PM
Servers' recommendations: Popcorn chicken, sweet butter toast
What we ordered: Popcorn chicken, sweet butter toast, sweet milk toast, regular unsweetened iced milk tea
Number in our party: 3
Final check amount: $15.59
  • We liked the server at the counter.  (According to the receipt, her name was Claire.)   She was friendly, decisive about her recommendations, and honest when we asked her about menu items.
  • The tea Jenne got tasted like petting zoo.  Or barn.  Perhaps it would be better sweetened?  It just wasn't to our taste.
  • The popcorn chicken is similar to Tapioca Express's, but it's not fried quite as well -- like they used oil that wasn't hot enough.  VERY salty; we would prefer it a little spicy instead.  But it's still yummy!
  • I love condensed milk and fluffy Asian white bread, which means sweet milk toast is one of my favorite foods in all of creation. I mean, just LOOK at that photo.
  • That said, the sweet milk toast is pretty intense.  The sweet butter toast is excellent if you don't like tons and tons of sugar.
  • Tea Garden has a nice, super-relaxed atmosphere.  Tea Station (on Clairemont Mesa)has a similar menu, but the servers there always look harried and stressed. 
  • Tea Garden would be a great place to study, since they have both savory and sweet snacks.
Address: 4685 Convoy St, Ste 110
Phone number: 858.277.8988
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Weirdest tiny one-way lot in San Diego.
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: Lots
Noise level: 2.5 (and the TV wasn't on!  Yay!)


  1. Hey guys - I just discovered your blog and it's GENIUS! I'm a foodie myself living and SD, and enjoy (food) reviews..and of course, eating! I was actually on a mission to try more of the restaurants on Convoy, and your site is a great resource and place to start! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm giddy that I found your blog. Sad? Perhaps. But props!

  2. Thank you :D We're on a three-week hiatus because Jenne's going on a trip to Austria, but we'll be back in October! But why are you sad??

  3. I think she means it might be sad to be giddy about a blog. BUT NOT IF IT'S OUR AWESOME BLOG!!
    Thanks, Joy!